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This is a selection of my favourite Resources, Information and Practitioners I have used and Recommend that have helped me understand myself better, and Review and Resolve past trauma so I can live a more Wholehearted and Authentic life.

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*****************************TOP RESOURCE****************************** for Nervous System Regulation

I have been working with Irene Lyon for over four years and I cannot recommend her work enough. Her Nervous System Regulation work is an essential part in understanding what actually happens in our bodies when we go through and carry unresolved trauma.

She teaches how to gently and safely re-regulate the nervous system to bring us back into balance.

You can find FREE information on her website and I recommend you start with this three part video series and absorb as much as you can of the free stuff to get you started.

Here’s her utube channel with lots more juicy information.

This is a fantastic resource for all things Nervous System Regulation by Staci Backauskas. Check out her website here for book recommendations, courses and more.

And her blog here.


Walking in nature has been a life saver for me. I never feel worse after a walk. These are my favourite nature and mindfulness coaches un the UK.

Ian Banyard can be found here: Natural mindfulness. He runs mindfulness walks and retreats and trains others all over the world to do the same.

Ruth Steggles and Rose Dixey also coach and train others to find themselves in nature. You can find them here: Fresh air Fridays.


Brilliant Homeopath - Roger Savage. I have worked with several homeopaths over the years but Roger is by far the best. I have had some major breakthroughs with my health in the last eight months since working with him. Including having the energy to write and create Honouring Your True Self on Substack.

My favourite practitioners to work with are trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Matrix Reimprinting amongst other things.

EFT is widely known as Tapping and gently stimulates the meridians to allow emotions to flow through and be released as you process thoughts and behaviours.

Introduction to EFT with Karl Dawson

Matrix Reimprinting helps us Review our past traumas safely so we can find new and empowering perceptions that help us to resolve trauma that has got stuck in our bodies and minds. You can read more about it here: Matrix Reimprinting using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future by Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby.

Lisa Barry works face to face from Bath, UK and by video link. A very perceptive, sensitive and intuitive practitoner I had shifts from my second session on with her. She came through the trauma of a road crash herself and seeing one of her children paralysed and in a wheelchair. Here website is :

Penny Croal specialises in working with people diagnosed with serious disease. She is also an EFT Trainer and Meta Coach Trainer so has access to a whole community of deeply compassionate practitioners. Here website is:

Sam Neffendorf is someone I have worked with recently and he manages to also make sessions fun! He lives in Spain now with his family and works by video link. His website is:


Naomi Martell-Bundock is a deeply, wise coach and a gorgeous soul. She can help you, your family, your business. Fine her websites and contact details here: Coresense and Experience Your Wisdom.

Jo Summers a gorgeous soul doing important work. Join here free facebook group here 30 days to Wellness through Self Love


Go here for booklist.

Brene Brown - The power of vulnerability (video)

- Listening to shame (video)

Bruce Lipton - How Your Genes Listen to Your Beliefs (video)

Gabor Mate - Caring for ourselves while caring for others (video)

Gary Chapman - The 5 Love Languages. Find out your love language here


HUMAN DESIGN is another tool that helps me get clearer about who I am.
You can learn more and get your free chart here from Richard Beaumont

My favourite person to learn Human Design from is Christie Inge. Definitely worth signing up to her newsletter if Human Design interests you.

HEARTMATH INSTITUTE - research into our three brains. Yes science proves we have three (and possibly more) brains. Head. Heart and Gut.

Fancy a makeover to boost your confidence? More than a frivolous bit of fun (but fun also) Victoria Hamilton will help you define your colours and style but most of all build your confidence.


Sam Garstin is on a mission to change the conversation of being in a body that bleeds! Helping to elevate your company culture to build an environment your staff would hate to leave (and others can’t wait to join!)

WOMEN ON A MISSION WITH SUE REVELL - PODCAST and here’s her website. For women in business or wanting to be.