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Yes, I see this now in my mid fifties. How more manageable Xmas would have been if I’d had this awareness when my children were little. As a single parent I felt so much pressure over Xmas to have everything as it ‘should’ be. When the children went to their dad’s the day after Boxing Day I always felt bereft, tearful, exhausted and lost. One year we were given two months notice to leave our rented house at the end of November. I worked, had to find a new place to live, had to pack up our house and move by the end of January and still did all those things that I thought had to be done to make a ‘magical’ Xmas for the children. Which was in my mind the priority. But. It took its toll I realise now. I was desperate, tearful, scared, exhausted but had no regard for how I was feeling because you just get on with it. What do the children remember about Xmas ? Rudolph leaving half eaten carrots next to their stockings. What was I do at midnight on Xmas eve? Half eating carrots. Yes that bit was worth it. Thank you Karen xxx

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So, almost finished my christmas shopping which has been minimal and it's only 2nd December. The one problem I have with doing it this early is resisting the temptation to buy more things when I see stuff I think people will like.

More stuff means more to wrap. Means more time. And more energy. 🤪 STOP!

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Well said! 👏

I've done Christmas in all kinds of ways over the years, but each time I do feel overspent, in every sense, even the year when we didn't do presents!

Here's a way of transforming an unwanted gift into the best night with friends in January, please meet Secret Satan, Secret Santa's evil twin! 😂


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