When I first started talking about intuition on the Hysterectomy Association, I didn't realise that was what I was referring to. I used to explain that we'd stopped listening to our body, and that the best thing anyone recovering from surgery was to learn to pay attention as it would always let us know what was needed.

Over time, I came to call it 'the still small voice within', the one that often can't be heard because of the cacophany of noise produced by ourselves and society. More recently, I think of it as both the still small voice and a way of listening three ways: with our ears to what actually comes out of our mouths, with our bodies because it is still a great barometer of where we are headed, and finally listening to our lives - as it indicates where we've come from and can point towards where we are headed.

Intuition is of course, more than all these as it is also that which 'knows' and will guide us if we let it.

Thanks for the timely reminder Karen. xx

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