Morning Karen.

Thankyou love i5

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Jul 3, 2023Liked by Karen Robinson

Hmm, this resonates. I also grew up thinking I had to look after everyone. Especially when my mum died young. I was only 8 and my sister just 13 months old. My disabled dad brought us up, well he provided for us. But I guess I became the mum, housekeeper, cook, and didn't really stop until fairly recently, as my children left home and then inherited children became independent, and I decided I didn't want to look after anyone but me. It felt very selfish, but that decision had to be made for survival.

Thanks for sharing!

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Jan, thank you for sharing something so vulnerable. That's a lot to carry!

I am cheering you on for being self-ish having been completely selfless for most of your life.

I hope you can continue to restore your resilience and stamina, build inner resources and begin to Thrive rather than just survive. Much love to you. XX

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