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I felt like I could relate to almost every word of this!

In fact, bizarrely, I wrote some random lyrics down last week (to maybe one day be turned into a song) which touch on more than half of what you wrote!

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Well, I’ve played guitar on and off since I was about 10 but only started learning to sing and play about 6 years ago - I don’t sing particularly well but I enjoy it!

Only written one song before and working on another but sometimes write random lyrics down if something comes to me - trying to use that as a bit of a release - definitely find singing about things that are meaningful to me helps with that.

Happy to share - I do put some stuff on Instagram. I’ll let you know when I’ve recorded a version I’m happy with! (Might be a while though!)

I think I might’ve seen in one of your e-mails that he was recording an album - I didn’t know he was musical. Would really like to hear his stuff if possible / you don’t mind?

I did get your messages, thank you. I’m gona scream at my e-Mail!! - it has a habit of losing my messages when I send them - don’t save anywhere, just disappear - and I sent a really long reply!! I’ll reply again (and save a copy before I send it, just in case!)


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